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So what makes it work so well? To answer this, let’s look at a car’s braking system. This system is critical in terms of vehicle safety and performance. Being able to stop reliably, time after time, under heavy braking conditions can mean life or death.

Every time the brakes are used massive pressure is built up through the braking system. The force your foot applies at the brake pedal is multiplied many times at the disc rotors, creating friction and extreme heat.

The extreme heat can cause disc rotors to warp, distort and in some cases fail. Traditionally, heat is removed as air flows through the rotor passing between straight ‘cooling vanes’. However, the straight vane design does not provide the ideal conditions for heat to be dissipated and tends to allow an unwanted ballooning effect.

Kangaroo Paw disc rotors will quickly remove the heat, cool the discs, and return to optimal operating temperatures ready for the next braking application – without this ballooning.

The Kangaroo Paw features 144 precisely positioned diamond and tear-drop pillars. The pillars create greater strength, reliability, and a more efficient cooling system. Greater surface area means more rapid heat dissipation.

Cool air flows in from the centre of the disc, while hot air is forced to the outside of the disc - regardless of rotational direction. The pillars provide greater strength across the disc rotor and reduce the tendency for disc distortion.

More efficient cooling improves brake pad and disc rotor life, and helps reduce brake fade.

That’s why the Kangaroo Paw system is so effective.

Available across a range of products for most popular vehicles, it’s the greatest advance in brake rotor design for decades – guaranteed!