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Need other Performance Products? We have em! In addition to AMSOIL, Hawk Brakes, and DBA, we are an authorized agent for Solo Performance Specialties (SPS). SPS offers a wide range of performance products for your vehicle. Some of the items are listed here. Clicking on the product will take you directly to the SPS website where you can review the product and purchase. When ordering, please use code "BMD" in the comments line. If you have any questions, you can contact BMDmotorsport directly for applications and pricing.
Disc Brakes Australia
Piloti Shoes
Race Seats
Chassis Set Up
Tire Tools
Trailer Towing
Tools & Pit Equipment
Driver's Suits
Camera Systems
Hawk Performance's leading-edge brake friction technology is proven everyday in severe-duty aerospace, military, commercial truck fleet, motorsports and performance street brake applications. Put the power in the brake pedal and specify Hawk Performance disc brake pads.

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